How to write abdicate in a sentence

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The Madness of King Donald

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What is abdicate?

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We were too tired to talk much. How can I put and write and define abdicate in a sentence and how is the word abdicate used in a sentence and examples? 用abdicate造句, 用abdicate造句, 用abdicate造句, abdicate meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by It's amazing the arguments people are presenting in favor of abortion these days.

So glad my wife Carrie's mom had a change of heart after the attempted abortion on her life failed 46 years ago, and they are now best friends. If her functioning as a female is not enough to define woman, if we decline also to explain her through “the eternal feminine,” and if nevertheless we admit, provisionally, that women do exist, then we must face the question: what is a woman?.

In modern times, just as further back in history, madness is a slippery concept, hard to pin down unless there are obvious signs of delusion, derangement, paranoia, or actual physical aggression.

How to write abdicate in a sentence
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