Using dragon naturally speaking to write a book

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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How to Get Your Dragon to Behave in Scrivener

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I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to write PHP code, and I have created a number of commands to output frequently used statements.

As mentioned by others, navigation within the code is a difficulty. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version User Guide. Dragon User Guide, Version Adapting to your writing style, scheduling tuning 23 How Dragon automatically configures user profile 25 Upgrading User Profiles 26 To use Dragon, you will need to plug in your microphone.

It’s a general-purpose tool for listening to documents. For instance, you could play a document by copying it into the NaturallySpeaking window.


A visually impaired person could do the whole job with the verbal copying and window-switching commands. One reason for using text-to-speech is to help proofread your text. With almost two decades of using Dragon software under his belt and a wealth of insider knowledge from within the dictation industry, Scott Baker will reveal how to supercharge your writing and achieve sky-high recognition accuracy from the moment you start using the software.

10 wishlist items for Dragon Naturally Speaking For those who do a lot of writing, dictation software like Dragon Naturally Speaking can be a big help.

Is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Compatible With QuickBooks Pro?

But as Brien Posey observes, there's room. Modifying Text In addition to using a Select command (page 53) to select text and then saying new text to replace it with, there are a number of other commands you can use to modify text with Dragon .

Using dragon naturally speaking to write a book
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