Using onenote to write a book

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Using Onenote for your Novel

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Freedom Writers using OneNote to write a book

Recommend the page summary and hyperlink function. In addition, I highly recommend Onetastic which is a multi-purpose addin for Microsoft OneNote (Onetastic for OneNote). Using Microsoft OneNote for Writing Research and Notes.

by Marg McAlister. I've been meaning to write about Microsoft OneNote for some time, because I've found it to be so incredibly useful for taking notes and keeping them organised. I don't use it to the extant that you do, but I really enjoy using onenote for random notes.

It feels organic, like writing in a notebook, but with the added benefit of being able to move blocks of text around. I can see myself using it more and more to outline. Using Onenote for your Novel.

So, in each of my "parts" I might write a synopsis for that section of the book. Then in the chapter pages, write a much more detailed plot. Remember, these are my notes and I am writing the actual book in Word. I might also add little notes about one off characters, important events, things I know I am going.

I use both Scrivener and OneNote, and, like Janice, I write in Scrivener and outline and research in OneNote. I set my OneNote up like Karen Wiesner's workbook in her First Draft in 30 Days book, so I have pages for characters, settings, timelines, etc.

Free OneNote Novel Template

I freaking love using OneNote to write! I use it to organize all of my writing projects (short stories, novels, serials) and have whole sections just for different types of ideas. I use it to organize all of my writing projects (short stories, novels, serials) and have whole sections just for different types of ideas.

Using onenote to write a book
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